Help me choose which card case!!

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  1. #1 Apr 5, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2016
    My SA has the pink, navy and can order me the bright blue chevron caviar card case...

    Which should I choose?

    I'm between the navy and bright blue... I already have the bright blue cruise card case with the iD slot and absolutely love it. Wondering if I should just stick with the bright blue or get the navy...

    I love blues. Bright blue and navy are pretty on par with each other... So I can't decide.

    I find my cobalt blue is pretty good about not getting dirty... So that's not an issue.

    So hard... Help!!

    The second pic is from mungmoo, hers was clearer than my SAs.

    Here is my blue cruise case !!

    Attached Files:

  2. Cobalt! I love slgs in bright colors :]
  3. Get cobalt because it's your favourite! :smile:

  4. I am sort of leaning toward the cobalt just because I love bright blue... But I'm also kind of leaning toward navy too because I love it too... I have both navy and cobalt equally in my wardrobe... They're kind of both my favorite shades of blue lol.

    I usually love bright colors in SLGs too. It's always a nice splash of color in my bag...

    Hmmm. This is such a hard decision!!
  5. Tough choice but I vote for bright blue!
  6. I say navy blue! It's so elegant and classy. I prefer navy for a card holder so you bring it out pretty frequently. It impresses!
  7. Navy blue! I agree with Gracie9 - its elegant and classy
  8. Cobalt
  9. I have the navy blue and thought about getting the cobalt one because if so pretty and would add more color to my collection. What if you get the navy and the cobalt blue in another SLG?
  10. It's such difficult choice - they are both so beautiful!! but I think the navy blue is so elegant and classy :loveeyes::tup: and since you already have the cobalt SLG, maybe you could try out the navy this time :P
  11. I'm in love with the cobalt
    So pretty
  12. Mmmmmmm. First impression - go for the brighter blue. But now my gut says go navy. Have to agree with other posts - elegant and classy.
  13. Since you already have a bright blue then I'd say go for the navy :smile:
  14. Navy blue!
  15. Another vote for the navy blue.