help me choose which bag to take on vacation...TOMORROW!!!

Feb 8, 2007
hey all!
i am going on a much needed vacation tomorrow for 6 days...i am trying to decide between 3....
the coach kristen satchel in twig with silver hardware(satin grayish/with purple undertones and silver hardware)
the botkier medium rivington drawstring in saffron (goldish/yellow washed leather)
the mbmj twisted q satchel in brick (a beautiful bright burgundy)
have to decide tonite so that i can get all my stuff in it...leaving tomorrow!!
Jun 25, 2008
It's hard to give an opinion without photos, but TBH I think you should take the one you want with you the most, the one you think you'll use the most, the one that better matches the clothes you're taking, the one you like the most... Up to you.


Mar 30, 2009
Oof. Yeah, without photos it's a bit hard to tell you, but like what @karmenzsofia typed, go for a bag that would match your clothes most of the time, and big enough to hold the essentials like makeup, wallet, your passport, but organized so you can get stuff in and out without too much hassle. Have fun traveling!!


Jul 29, 2009
Depends on where you are going. I don't know much about the other two brands, but I think they are not so much 'noticeably' designer. I recently visited the east coast of Canada and I had the only Coach I saw the whole time. I'm so used to seeing 'everyone' with Coach or LV where I live (downtown Toronto) that it was a culture shock to be the one standing out as having the 'best' bag.