Help me choose which bag to get please!!!!

  1. I love both Denim Cabby and Denim XL, but I'm not sure on which one to get and in which color???

    The blue is beautiful, but I know that black is going to be breathtaking... what's a girl to do!?!?
    2.jpg DenimCabbyMM.jpg handbagxl.jpg
  2. I'm in the same boat between the black denim Neo Cabby and the black Handbag XL. Since the Handbag XL doesn't come out until November, I have time to decide since the Neo Cabby is permanent.

    I can help you out on the color (LOL) --- get the black denim!!
  3. Denim Cabby in BLACK!

    The Handbag XL seems more of a handbag but it'll be a HUGE handbag and thus strain your arm a lot. The cabby seems to be able to fit over the shoulders, so better for a big bag imo, and plus comes with the shoulder strap.
  4. Are you serious? Denim Neo Cabby will be permanent?
    I guess I can get both then, but what color?!?!? :hysteric:
  5. they are both gorgeous, but i can tell you which style! i like them the same, but i think you should definitely get black!
  6. Black cabby!
  7. Black Cabby vote here too!
  8. I'm getting both, just have to decide on the color.
  9. Go for the BLACK! That is one beautiful bag and very, very unique!
  10. I vote for the black cabby too:tup:
  11. I love the black cabby :yes:
  12. Black cabby vote here too!
  13. i love this one :drool:

  14. :rolleyes:
  15. black cabby is stunning !!