Help me choose what to keep/clean out

  1. Every season I go through my closet and sell a handbag or 2 on ebay that I do not carry anymore. Out of these bags, which should I get rid of to make room for new purchases?

    1. Green MJ Polina hobo (apple green leather, very pretty, but I only use it every now and then).

    2. Chanel black classic flap quilted bag-this is a classic, but I think it is too small for me, as I am a big purse kind of gal. I don't carry it often mostly due to its size.

    3. orange Coach frame clutch-I just bought this a few weeks ago to carry for a specific event, but I'm afraid that I wont carry it often enough in the future due to the color.
  2. Sell the Coach :yes: I like MJ Polina, so fun style IMO. And Chanel is classic, you can use it in special events even it's not big.
  3. I agree with Cat, sell the Coach. I'd keep the Chanel for sure, out of the three. It'll never go out of style.
  4. I agree completely with the last two posters.
  5. I would say sell them all if you don't use them...makes way for bags that you will LOVE and want to use all the time!
  6. sell the coach!
  7. echo...sell the coach
  8. sell the coach
  9. Another vote for the coach!! Whatever you do - don't get rid of the chanel because I imagine at some point you will really regret it!!:yes:
  10. Sell the Coach and carry the Chanel as you would a clutch. :yes:

    That way, it won't matter that it's small. :biggrin:
  11. That Chanel is perfect for an evening bag so DO NOT SELL IT!!!! Sell the other two and buy one simple, classic bag that you ADORE!
  12. Please don't sell the chanel! That you might regret; it will never be out of style and you might change from liking big bags to smaller ones in a few years.
  13. I say sell the coach...but like sharbear said, if you're not using any of them, I would sell them all and buy new bags.
  14. i am thinking exactly what everyone is saying. Don't get rid of the Chanel. Get rid of both of the others if you want, but I think if you get rid of it(I know from experience) you will be sad about it. ANYTIME I have gotten rid of a black bag, I have felt regret. That Chanel bag could be used for special occasions for the rest of your life, if it is not a practical everyday bag....ooooohhh....I see it in your avatar....DON"T get rid of it! That is a GREAT evening bag!
  15. Sell the coach bag