Help me choose what to get!!!

Oct 24, 2006
Alright, i have 2 groupons and a 40% discount WITH free shipping for current sale - no matter what i choose, everything i want is more than 1 groupon, either alone or combined so i would love your advice here! here are my thoughts:

Wyeth tote in eucalyptus and biblio grape charm - i have been coveting the wyeth tote in this color ever since it debuted and this is a FANTASTIC price for it! But, what is holding me up is the fact that I have also been really wanting a

Bleeker backpack in Violet and matching Maldives weekender - if I do these two bags, then i can add the Bernadin day bag in black shine or a bunch of little things (Michio, sam wallet, passport holder, etc)

But i'm also loving the Clara in yam and black shine - i could do that with the Bleeker and maybe a passport holder to get to that magical $475 needed for 2 groupons.

What to do! I'm really leaning towards wyeth and charm because a) wyeth is hard to find, in eucalyptus and b) such a good deal on it!! and could always purchase another groupon for bleeker, maldives, etc...



Nov 8, 2008
Hi Ann,
Everyone's pretty upset about the sale right now, and things are a little (lot) hinkey at HH. First question, does your code say "40% off full-priced items" or "40% off final payment/total after codes" (if it's the latter, they take your Groupons off FIRST from the total full prices of whatever you buy, THEN apply the 40% off. If it's the former, it probably means you can only apply the discount to full-price items (so check what you're deciding between.)

Having said that, I'm a huge fan of the Violet travel series. I'd say ask yourself which "bag" you want... Wyeth, Clara, or Bernadin (they're wildly different in feel/use/size) first, and then look at the math to see if you can get one of the Violet pieces as well? (The Maldives seem more popular than the Bleeker, so might sell out sooner?)


Harshed Mellow
Aug 14, 2008
ITA with jenn

Ask which shape will work for your for the purpose intended and go from there. Add Violet accordingly to add up so you can use the # of groupons you want.

nothing wrong with just a little splash of violet.. how about the sam wallet in violet.
Oct 24, 2006
Thanks guys! I know, i've been keeping up with the horribleness that everyone has been experiencing - sux. My discount is on full price, not total price, so i know what my total will be - and i had decided on wyeth and biblio and was all set to hit "Complete" on my paypal transaction when Explorer quit on me so now i have to wait for my groupons to reactivate - what a pain!

and i agree on the violet - i have the Ibiza in violet and man, is it ever pretty!
Oct 24, 2006
alright, order has been placed for the wyeth and the biblio charm in grape!!! I twas relatively smooth so i'm sending out smooth vibes to everyone else dealing with HH madness - it does amaze me how after all this time they can STILL have IT issues. Remember the fashion night auction?? How easy would it have been to just have one bid open and take the 9 highest bids, even if some were the same, right? Nope, they had NINE DIFFERENT AUCTIONS - whoever is their IT service should be fired. They're worthless!