Help me choose! Violet city or step???


Step or City?

  1. Get the city!

  2. Get the step!

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am about to get a yummy violet bag, i have both on hold and I have no idea which one to get?!:shrugs:
    My one and only Bbag is a cornflower city!

    I love the city but I don't know if i should get a different style!?:shame:

    So please give me your opinons on which one you prefer and why!

    Thank you!!:heart:
  2. oh, you are having the same decision problem that I am
    I think that the shape of the step is the shape of a slouchy city (when it pulls at the handles)
    my only fear is the stiff bottom issue that others have mentioned
  3. you can never have too much city bags in my opinion. go for the city!
  4. I voted for another city. good luck.
  5. I prefer the city... not a fan of the step...
  6. oh gosh, you are indeed in a pickle ... both are awesome style imo ... the city is more popular style and since you already have one, you know if it works for you ... I'd say try both on when you get there and see which you like better. Good luck!
  7. I actually love the shape of the step, I tried it on in Barney's and really liked it's structure. I'm waiting for the Spring colors to get a step in one of those colors, but it's cute, so I vote step!!!
  8. step for a change!! =)
  9. i vote for city coz i prefer it shape to the step..anyway, good luck for the next purchase:yahoo:
  10. Are you able to try both on? I would do that and then go from there. I really liked the courier and wanted one but when I tried it on I realized it wasn't for me. I also want to "try on" the step to get a feel for it and perhaps get a 08 bag in that style.
  11. STEP gets my vote!
  12. Thanks ladies for your input!
    Problem is I am ordering from overseas and i haven't seen a step in the UK so I cant try it on!!
    Eh I really dont know what to do!
  13. Luva Pug! There's a Step in Harvey Nichols in Knighsbridge :smile:
    In case you wanted to have a peek. I saw it and didnt think much of it to be honest, but good luck with whatever you decide.
  14. i voted city - you can never have too many
  15. My vote goes for the City :smile: