Help me choose! Vernis Reade PM or Mini Lin Speedy???

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  1. Hello All - Just got off the phone with my SA here in Vancouver, and she says there will be an increase of 3-5% on all prices here in Canada over the next few days too...So I would like to pick up a new LV before the increase...

    My grandmother just gave me a very generous $800 for my birthday (coming in May), so that is my budget including taxes...

    I'm considering the Monogram Vernis Reade PM in Amarante - this bag is actually too small for every day use, but I was thinking of using it as an evening bag (for weddings, nights out, etc.). I wouldn't have much use out of it, it's more like a bag to have there for these occasions, but they don't happen often (nights out without the kids are very few and far between!) But I really like this little bag and have always wanted's just one of those "I like it - but do I really need it?" bags.

    Then I'm also considering the Monogram Mini Lin Speedy in Ebony - I alreay have the Damier Speedy 25 & 30, but my Damier Speedy 30 is almost always MIA because my mom and my sister keep borrowing it. I'm thinking if I get the Mini Lin Speedy, I'll just give my mom the Damier 30, and that way I'll have two different Speedys??

    Don't know.....HELP ME CHOOSE!! :confused1: Any input would very much be appreciated!;)

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  2. Mini Lin :smile:
  3. :tup:
  4. Mini Lin Speedy! You would get more use out of it.
  5. Mini Lin!!! I want one too!!! Just can't decide on the color!
  6. Mini Lin all the way!! I love it in Ebene and am thinking it might be my next bag too. ;)
  7. Both are pretty bags but I think the Speedy is more practical so I vote for speedy! :tup:
  8. mini lin :tup:
  9. Mini Lin!
  10. lol...this is really one-sided... :P Thanks for all your input...I think the Mini Lin Speedy then...but keep the advice coming...I won't be going to pick it up until all you Reade PM lovers can still sway me - maybe ;)
  11. Mini Lin Speedy!
  12. Mini Lin Speedy :yes:
  13. I vote Mini Lin!
  14. Mini Lin.

    The Reade is just so small and you won't be getting much use out of her.
  15. Mini Lin Speedy