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  1. I usually wear Billy and recently bought the dark lovestruck with gold crystal pocket.
    I was thinking about buying another pair-Johnny (also straight)
    Do Johnnys fit the same as Billy? I want something that can be dressed up and down.
    Sorry I couldn't load up the pictures:
    1. billy (dark savannah)

    2. Johnny (Lon star)

    3. Johnny (body rinse)

  2. Billy and Johnny fit the same, only difference is the flap pocket, billy has and Johnny does not.

    I love the lonestar wash, very dark and pretty. Keep in mind though that it runs big and most people are able to size down one, i would recommend trying them on first or buy from a store with a nice return/exchange policy :yes:
  3. In general they fit the same, but I have found that every different jean tends to fit a little bit different so I would recommend trying them on.
  4. I like Johnny Lonestar. The flap pockets always fit me funny, so I find the normal pockets much more appealing.
  5. Johnny Lonestar is the best jean on the face of the planet (for me)

  6. ITA! If you like the Billy you should like the Johnny.
  7. go for the lonestar.. my next fave color after dark pony..
  8. Lonestar! I have to go down one size in my TRs, except for my non-stretch Rainbows.
  9. Lonestars are amazing, and they flatter every body type!
  10. Unfortunately the store did not have 24 or It looks like I have to order one online. I have billy in 25 and stella in 24 (stella is lonestar)=do lonestar wash tend to stretch more than others?
  11. I prefer billy's cuz I like the flaps better on me. I have two pair of non-flap Tr's and they are Ok, but they are not my "go to" jeans
  12. Johnny's in Lonestar

    TR's are addicting. I just had to get that out of my system haha
  13. I think they stretch out just like any other (stretch) pair. Sorry to hear your size was oos
  14. billy jeans
  15. I like Johnny Lonestar also :smile: