Help me choose: TME or WTM

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Which BE should I get?

  1. Take Me Everywhere Midi

  2. Whisper to Me Midi

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi ladies! I am so excited about our OWN sub forum now! We can start our own threads when we have questions instead of them getting lost in the lounge!!

    I need some help. I really like the Take Me Everywhere midi and the Whisper to Me midi. I wish I could get both but I am also getting the Make Me Smile midi and possible the Hug Me. So I have to decide between these two bags. I have the LM midi on the way and I know it is similar to the TME so I am having a hard time deciding. I really love the TME the most but when I look at the WTM I worry if I don't get it I will regret it. Does that make sense? Whichever one I get I will get in the chocolate crash. So I need your opinion. Should I get the TME midi or the WTM midi?

    This is my first time doing a poll so I hope I do it right! Help me out ladies!!
  2. Karen - I chose the WTE because I'm just wondering if it would be difficult to stay organized with such a skinny depth. I mean would everything just pile up when you put your stuff in? It's hard to tell without seeing it irl, but they are both gorgeous. So, either way I'm sure you will love it. I think I am smitten with the MMS and the TME. Well, gotta run - back to the job.:crybaby:
  3. I voted for the WTM midi, since like you said the TME is very similar to the LM midi and it will be nice to have something different. Plus, with it laying flatter against the body, it will be super comfy as well. I'm going to get the WTM midi in purple crash and have just put down my deposit. Good luck deciding!!
  4. I'm voting for the Whisper to Me Midi -- for the same reason as Kings_20. I think the Take Me Everywhere is a refined Love Me. If you have the Love Me, you should go for something different.

    The narrowness of the Whisper to Me Midi doesn't scare me at all. These bags are still large, ladies. Put some variety in your wardrobe. Get some different sizes. You don't want to have all huge bags... Thie Whisper to Me Midi will hold plenty, and all that you really need. If you need a big bag, go to some of your other BE's. I'm all for having a varied handbag wardrobe.
  5. Great advice Tropical Gal!

    Your right, it's all about variety. I agree!

    But, that said, I'm also more inclined to the tme because of my love for the LM. But, I wouldn't trade my LM for anything!:tup:
  6. Thanks girls for all of your replies. I still don't know what to do, I really like both of these bags. I agree with you Tropical Gal, I should have a variety. I want to wait to see the LM midi and them make my decision. I hope that I can wait that long to order it. When do we have to have our orders in by?
  7. WTM Midi all the way....I think it's a waaaay cool bag!
  8. I agree with the other ladies here ~ Whisper To Me Midi. :yes:
  9. I love both....the WTM has a chic style and the TME has the rolled hanldles.

    And I have to compare the narrowness of the WTM to Bottega Veneta.....although narrow and envelope-like, once your stuff is inside, the bag will mold to the contents and slouch a bit. The WTM doesn't have much structure, so it will wear against the body least in my opinion.

    And vote is the's unlike anything you have and it's gorgeous!!!
  10. i voted WTM because it is different than the bags you already have....ideally you can get a WTM now, and then later get the TME ;)
  11. ^^ that is what I would love to do but I am worried I won't be able to get it later.

    So everyone is saying the WTM and it is making me want that now!!
  12. honestly, I can't imagine Jackie is only going to make a few fall bags, sell them all, and then not make more....that wouldn't make sense money-wise for her. You may end up with a waiting period, but I would think you could still get some bags later
  13. Yes that makes sense. I guess I am just a little freak out b/c she said to order the bags you want now to avoid disappointment. I know she doesn't order large quantities of bags and with the new bespoke requirements it may be harder to get the bag you want. I think you are right though, it does sound like she will have more stock from now on.
  14. All I know is that I was able to get a LM in petrol after they were sold out on the site (she eventually had more come in) and Im currently awaiting a SMM in purple (that was not a bespoke order)....I think if you HAVE to have a certain bag/color combo and you want it for late summer/early fall, you should preorder....but if this is her fall/winter line and she isn't going to have new styles for a while, she's got to make more of them so she has something to sell to people :smile:
  15. WTM because I think the TME will be similar to our LM Midi's.