Help me choose! (Tired of these threads yet? LOL)

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Which one?

  1. Signature Stripe Zip-Around Wallet in Khaki/Chocolate

  2. Signature Stripe Swingpack in Punch

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Okay ladies, I have the following choice to make:

    Either a Signature Stripe Swingpack in PUNCH....

    or a Signature Stripe Zip-Around Wallet in khaki/chocolate.

    I have two brown sig bags (one, a multi-stripe demi and the other a crimson signature stripe tote) and one black bag (a signature stripe demi) and then a red leather hobo and a pink suede hobo, just so you guys know.

    The zip-around wallet is on delete so it's quite inexpensive for me, but the swingpack...! :drool: I just can't decide. I've never had a swingpack style purse and I wonder about it looking frumpy, that's my main concern.

    I also already have a leather Kenneth Cole wallet that's barely a year old, black, that I simply adore.

    OK, so what do you guys think and why? Do you have pics of these items I'm lusting after? Post them! Tell me what you think!:nuts:

    THANKS! :heart:
  2. the swingpack does not look frumpy imo..

    BUT i'd probably get the sig stripe zip around.. because
    a) it's a good price for you
    b) it will match all your other sig stripe stuff

    good luck deciding :smile:
  3. Sarah, I voted for the punch stripe because:

    1. You really love that color and you already have that cute little wristlet to match.

    2. Punch color won't be around.

    3. I think punch color suits your skintone.

    4. C'mon, it's punch!! LOL

    As for the zip around wallet (is it accordian style?), isn't there going to be new ones coming out with legacy stripe lining? I am sure the wallet will be around and they will always make the brown color ones.
  4. I voted for the wallet because swingpacks just don't appeal to me. :smile: I used to love them and after I finally got one, I never use it.
  5. I voted the wallet because,
    1...its inexpensive (ALWAYS a plus)!
    and will go with most of your Coach bags and its functional!:yes:

    I want one!:graucho:
  6. I love the zip around wallet and own one in the chocolate optic print. I am sure that swing pack is pretty but it doesn't sound like you love it. You just love the color!
  7. I voted wallet because I think you would get a lot of use out of it.
  8. I'm not a fan of swingpacks so I voted for the wallet! Though I'd have to agree with Kiuty and go with the new ones that have the Legacy Stripe lining. How cute is that!?!

    another bag will come that u will absolutely adore and you wont be able to get it cuz u s plurged on this thing.... well it s not so much i guess lol.... but a wallet is functional.. get the swingpack!!!
  10. I love punch, so I voted for punch.
  11. I say, go for the punch also. It's different from anything you own. Wallets come and go.;)
  12. I voted swingpack, just because I'd love to be able to get my hands on anything punch!
  13. i vote for the wallet because I am not a fan of swingpacks or the punch color. But I know you love the pink so I say forget about the color, and get what you need/will use the most.
  14. PUNCH!! you already have a wallet you love, wallets are always around, and punch is awesome.
  15. I voted for the swingpack in punch because the color is so great. I don't think that the swingpack would make anyone look frumpy. Also, you said that you already have a wallet that you like.

    But my real recommendation is to get both! :yes: