Help me choose! Tiffany silver bead earrings VS Amazonite (blue) bead earrings

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  2. Those Amazonite's are really nice. They must be new, I haven't seen those before. The silver bead are probably more versitile, but if you already have earrings that are similar, go with the blue! What a fun color!
  3. i've never seen these! & i just bought the silver bead earrings in march...
    i prefer the silver because i can dress it down or up.
    though amazonites are beautiful as the previous poster said, i dont think its versatile.

    But i guess its a personal choice right? I like to wear bright coloured clothes so i keep my jewelery neutral. if you mostly wear dark colours, then the amazonites could be perfect because it pops!
  4. Thanks girls!

    I still can't decide! I agree that silver is more versatile, but at the same time it looks plain. I do wear darker colors like navy, black, blue or white...

    By the way, what size did you get? 8mm or 10mm?
  5. Do you have a modeling pic? I wanna see it! :smile:
  6. here you go! i have the bigger earrings (10mm is it?) i'm almost 5'9 so i needed something big enough to pop where as in the smaller version was too small for my build/height

    i also compared it to the bead bracelet i bought 5 years ago. (i know now they have the really big bead bracelets). the earrings are slightly bigger than the bracelet.

    Hope this helps ;0
    IMG-20120609-00184.jpg IMG-20120609-00187.jpg
  7. Thanks a lot. It definitely helps and You look great (though I didn't see your face) HAHA. And you are so tall. I am a bit shorter. Maybe I should go and check it out!

    I think I may go for the silver one 'cause seems like it's more a traditional style and can dress up or dress down!
  8. I have the silver bead earrings and I wear them every day. I love them...
  9. I have the 10mm and agree, they are everyday classic's. In terms of size personally, I would go with the larger of the two. If you are petite, then the smaller would work.
  10. hahaha thanks!!! :p
    i have a friend hwo is petite and she has the smaller size and looked great on her. so it really depend on your size i guess... when you go in, definately try them on :smile:
  11. I didn't realize there's a bigger size. .I have the 8mm and I'm 4'11.
  12. i've researchedon this amazonite stone.../material...
    i've read they are very delicate. perhaps this will help you decide
  13. I have the Tiffany silver beat earrings.... I love them! They go with everything.
  14. Sooo pretty!! I can't wear silver, but I'm showing my sister this pic and making her get them! I'm not normally matchy, but I just adore this set!
  15. Thank you! Yeah I love them too.