Help me choose the right wallet!

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  1. #1 Oct 27, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2013

    I'm thinking about buying a wallet for a very long time now, but now it is definitely time for it because in Christams time I'm traveling to Vienna to closest LV store.

    I have the zippy coin purse in black multicolor which I bought as temporary, summerish wallet, but it turned into something I'm using all the time for the last year. It has become too small for my needs so I want something bigger.

    First - I don't have many cards so I don't need a wallet with a lot of space for it (4 card slots are enough). Second, I want a wallet which will last, don't want to have one which wil require repairing after year or so. And last, but more important - I'm limited to price of 450 to 500 euros. I know I can't get some of the most popular wallets for that price, but I think that wallets in higher price range (zippy or sarah for example) are too big for me anyways.

    I got to decide between Emilie (even if I don't know which pattern I would like, I like DA the most but it isn't durable, I guess) or the new Empriente wallet:, for which I'm afraid isn't durable as well because leather is rather soft. What would you choose?
  2. I have a emilie in DE and love it! In fact I'm thinking of getting it in DA also:smile:
  3. Hi, how satisfied are you with wallet quality? Do you think DA would be less durable then DE?
  4. from what I've read, emilie would be perfect for your needs
  5. I think either would be equally durable. I have the emilie in DE, but my next will be the azur. Either will wear beautifully for years. There is no fabric on the DA emilie so it will wear just as well as the DE. Pick the one you love.
  6. I have to chime in with a positive on the emilie. I LOVE mine. It's great quality. I have the mono with red. I can see myself getting the DA in spring
  7. Hi there, my wallet is great no complaints and i expect the DA version will be just as good. The only thing might be if you had dirty hands it may mark, but i am forever cleaning my hands and carry wipes All the time just in case!
  8. My every day wallet is a ZCP and if I ever needed a larger one I would go for the Emilie.

    I like the Sarah and Zippy but they are both way too big for the number of cards I would ever carry, and the prices are too high for me (if I was going to spend that amount of money I'd rather have a bag).
  9. I just can't decide. I love the Emilie wallet but I'm afraid that it's not going to be durable enough. And the new Empriente wallet is gorgeous, but but...
  10. I would definitely get the Emilie wallet in Damier Ebene! I have a Zippy Compact Wallet in DA and I wished I would've gotten it in DE even though I still am so in love with it!!

    Have you consider the zippy compact wallet?? It is gorgeous!
  11. I really like the curieuse compact but I'm nervous as the leather softens it will not hold the cards in place well and they may slide out the side of the wallet.

    Is the Secret Compact Wallet an option for you?
  12. I would add 30EURO and buy classic zippy wallet in monogram. It s the best wallet you can get!
    You won t be happy with emile because there is quality difference between these two and if it is going to be your only full size wallet you deserve to love it not only like it :smile:
    Good luck!
  13. Your comment was very useful to me. I stop thinking about the price tag for a momment and start thinking about the wallets I actually love. Zippy is not the wallet I love (I allready have the ZCP, and Zippy is too big and too similar to my wallet), but I realised that the French purse wallet was allways on my whishlist. It doesn't have too many cards slots, and the quality is great. Also, it's not that popular as the Zippy or Sarah wallet. I'm not 100% sure that's going to be my final choice, but I'm sure I'm not getting something that I just like because it's a little cheaper.

    So, thank you ;)
  14. The only issue I've heard about Emilie wallet, is the colored button peeling (only in monogram). Other than that, I have never heard anyone say anything bad about Emilie. The quality is not lower in cheaper models. But I do agree that you should get what you love the most. Damier Azur wallets are beautiful.

    Have you checked out the Trunk&Locks -collection? All items have a beautiful striped lining.
  15. Yes, I did :smile: I love it, but from my experience (I have the ZCP in black multicolor) all color "applications on canvas " (I don't know how to call that :P) are prone to chipping after some time, and that bothers me a lot, so I'm not going to buy another wallet with that issue.