Help me choose the colour of my Saint Louis

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Which colour should I go for?

  1. Black Saint-Louis PM

  2. White Saint-Louis PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi guys!

    I'm torn between the black and the white Saint Louis PM. I wanted the black for a long time until I saw the white on the body and thought it looked amazing.
    If you have the white, do you only wear it seasonally? Is there any colour transfer?

    Let me know! TIA.
  2. I voted for the black. As much as I love the white, I am so worried about color transfer and I feel like it would show any wear or dirt easily, which is why I'm getting the black for myself. Maybe someone with the white will chime in on the wear and tear topic! I just feel like, for me, I would have less reservations about what to wear the black with (dark jeans, etc) than with the white so I would be more likely to reach for it more often.
  3. Thanks, those are exactly my concerns! I might get an accessory of some kind in the white to make up for it...:graucho:
  4. Another vote for black! Jeans or other coloured clothing items might bleed color onto the white canvas. :smile:
  5. I rarely ever buy light bags because of that worry, at least light totes or purses that hang against my body (clutches are fine). I was in Disney this summer with a periwinkle-purple Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac I had worn many times before, with the same type of outfit, and got back to the hotel to see it had color trasnfer from my dark jean shorts! I was so upset but it's against my body so you can't really see. With the Goyard since it's like "reversable" as in both sides look the same, I'd hate to have to worry about making sure to wear it on one side only in case of transfer.

    I feel like a Senat pouch in white would be amazing, and easy to avoid transfer, and so cute in the summer! The special color Senats are a bit much in price for me but after I get my bag I may save up for a yellow.
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  6. do you know if you can monogram after you have purchased?
  7. Yes, that's possible. As long as the bag is in a good state. ;)
  8. I voted for white! I've had a white one for years and never had any issues with color transfer and I wear jeans all the time. I had the same concerns as everyone too!
  9. I'd vote for Black.

    With any white bags & even accessories (including Hermes), they'll turn yellowish over time apart from color transfer & dirt/stain issues.
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  10. Thanks for your feedback!! It's nice to know transfer isn't a concern as it is with thenLV DA print. It's not helping me choose but I'll have a look at my wardrobe and see what I use the most.

  11. No no no stop confusing me hahaha! I keep going back to the black but I love the white and yellow and now this is throwing me off again! (Just kidding about stop confusing me, I highly appreciate your input as a Goyard white fabric owner hahah :biggrin: )
  12. Hee's not an easy decision! I think I'm going gray for my next choice - somewhere between black and white :biggrin:
  13. +1 on the white! I recently purchased my first white goyard and has been using it for 3 months and has no problem with color transfer what so ever. The bag in white softens down amazing :smile:
  14. i have the black and love it! i feel it is easier to wear and I don't have to be super careful with it, however, it is a fun bag and i think my next one will be a color.
  15. You will not go wrong with either one. For those wondering about the white, i have had mine for about 8yrs. Still looks great!