Help me choose the color!!! Please???


Which color should I choose??

  1. Pink

  2. White

  3. Turquoise

  4. none of the above

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am thinking about buying one of these candy wrapper handbags, but I am not which color I should choose? Which color should I pick?? Thanks in advance!!

    (pics from






    (but in same style as the above two)

  2. They are all pretty, but I love the blue!
  3. wow...i just read the background of these bags...they're adorable...i love the tutti frutti one...i think if you're going to go for one of these, go for bold colorful tutti frutti...*sigh* i know that wasn't one of your options!!!
  4. I like the pink.
  5. I like turquoise too!
  6. I voted pink, since it's the most Hello Kitty.
  7. I would say white, it will be the easiest to match with outfits. :yes:
  8. Love the turquoise!
  9. Love the pink! but agree that white would be easiest to match.
  10. Thanks for voting and for your comments guys, keep them coming...
  11. oh I love the blue one with straps!!
    so cute!!
  12. I like white the best. I think it makes the prettier contrast against the dark handles.
  13. I voted turquoise. It's a cute bag, and I rarely see anyone carrying a turquoise bag, so I think it's the most fun. :biggrin:
    (&the white, while it's still cute, kind of reminds me of an umbrella with that handle)
  14. I agree with songofthesea....a woman at my gym has this bag in Tutti Frutti and its really adorable. It would definitely go with anthing you are wearing and mixes in all of your color choices. Just a thought....