Help me choose the color for my next BBag!!!

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  1. Hi, ladies...
    I just got my first BBag Marine City about 3 weeks ago and am in heaven~~
    But of course I can't stop here and I am on a mission for my next bag!!
    I want the Day style but can't decide on color.
    At first, I wanted bright color like Rouge Theatre but I quickly learned that it's going to be very hard to get that color. Then I was debating between Jaune and Violet then saw Sienna then Sandstone..and so on and so on....
    Help me!! I'm leterally losing sleep over this!!!! and on tPF all day!!!
    I kinda want to go for a brigt color bag since I have Marine but also drawn to a neutral color bag. I know it's not ever going to be easy picking colors but your advice and expertise will be tremendos help.
  2. A RVIF day would be hot!!!!~ if you want bright!!!!
  3. i totally agree, RVIF is my absolute favorite bal red.. that being said i've never seen RT before.. tomato is also pretty if you can't find rvif!
  4. Tomato is such a gorgeous, saturated red, it's just beautiful! It would be totally different from the Marine.

    If you think that is too bright, then you can't go wrong with Violet, it's a wonderful purple!

    If you carry other designers, think of what you have in their colour ranges that you would want something different from in Balenciaga. Bal makes such great colours, it's hard to go with a neutral.

    I wish you well,

  5. I agree with Bridget - go for Violet. It is gorgeous.
  6. I absolutely LOVE my Sandstone, it's neutral - but it's just so beautitful. It's a very pretty, unique neutral...and if you can find one with distressed leather it's just so gorgeous. So I say if you can find a sandstone day I vote for that.

    Since you have Marine I think Violet might be too close??? I dunno, I have Ocean & I wouldn't get Violet b/c they are sort of similar to me (dark, neutral color).
  7. Sandstone or jaune gets my vote.
  8. Thanks everyone!! I'll let you know soon what I decide on.
    But I have a feeling I'll have another sleepless night with tPF~~~
  9. i find sienna a great colour for a Day. there're some gorgeous Days with GH in the threads :drool:. a red would be nice too.
  10. i think either tomato or sienna...
  11. I say violet ... but then I'm partial ... the color is just too sumptious!