help me choose the color for MY FIRST chloé bag!

  1. hello ladies.. Think I'm the youngest one on the this forum.. 18years, could I be your mascotte? :wlae: anyway, I've hard decision today: a bay bag with shoulder strap.. blue color or black? I personally love the blue one, but... is it blue gorgeous also for winter???

    Help me please :crybaby:need ya ladies :heart::heart::heart:
  2. I'd go for whichever one tugs at your heartstrings the most........seems like that might be the blue. On the otherhand, black will go with everything and would look more businesslike if it were to become your work bag one day.....but then again blue is classy as well and would go with practically anything I'm not much help here am I???
  3. ahahah! you've been really kind.. I love you opinion, you must really in love with chloé, isn't it? :nuts:
  4. I'd say go with the navy blue...its a little different and veru classy!
  5. Heck your going to be a kid for a while, jeans will be in your future for years to come, LOL. Get the BLUE.
  6. Go for the blue. That was the color of my first Chloe and I still love her. :love:
  7. Eeek - if I were *gulp!* 20 years younger and your age, I would go with the gorgeous BLUE Bay! :okay: But take inventory of your clothes, shoes, outerwear, etc. and see if the Blue tone goes well with you have. If not, buy the Blue anyway and get a new wardrobe to match! Live your younger years to the fullest, hon!!! :wlae:
  8. yeah! ahahahahahah! thanks ladies :yahoo: and actually I've to say that I'm not american but italian, and this morning (here is 6.05 am) at 10. am I've got my oral and final examination at school. So scared!! :wtf:

    The bay blue bag should be a gift for myself from... myself!! It has been a really difficult year.

    Anyway, yeah.. I love the blue navy too!! thanks a lot :heart: