Help me choose the bag for my outfits to Paris

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  1. I am going to Paris on 21st Oct. As usual, I always pack my bag early and try on my outfits and take the pictures, print them out to make sure I look ok and that I don't forget anything. Sometimes if I over pack, I end up don't use many things and it will have less space in the suitcases for more shopping. :p

    Today when I tried on my clothes, I thought why don't I also take the pictures with the bags and post it on TPF for fun to have you guys help me choosing the bags. And they can be a modellling pictures of the bags too.

    I will have about 10 outfits for the trip and hope I can update every day with the new one.

    Start with two for today first. :smile:

    number 1. Do you like the bag with this outfit? If not, which bag would you choose from my collection.

  2. i love ur bag, and ur scarf is very cute. but i won't choose this birkin. Since the white fabric might get dirty easily especially in the airport.
  3. Ohhh! I DO like it, but personally wouldn't wear toile with a long coat.....what other bags have you got - I can never remember!!! LOL!!!!
  4. My H collection. :heart:



  5. I don't think the leather toile Birkin is appropriate for Fall in Paris. What else can you take?
  6. Wow.. That is so fast. ;) hermesBB, Grands Fonds

    I mean I might not bring all the bags with me but this can be like a game to choose the bag with the outfits. :smile:
  7. Ha Ha,just saw the collection. Just close your eyes and point. Anything but toile.
  8. Number 2 I hope this one is ok?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. oh definitely the black croc birkin with the long jacket.
  10. i love your tricolor birkin. pretty!
  11. the pink looks great.
  12. I agree w/HC on the black croc. And your photos are gorgeous, by the way! I especially like your second outfit. Have fun!
  13. WOW !:nuts::nuts::nuts:i MEAN REALLY - WOW !

    Take the croc with the first outfit.
  14. or maybe the croc plume elan with the first outfit or the croc longue.
  15. for # 1 outfit = tricolor birkin (green, potiron and forgot the other color)

    for outfit # 2 = tricolor kelly 35 (?) in black, etoupe, gris t

    love the roger V shoes, btw!