HELP ME CHOOSE! Summerissima colors.....!!!

  1. I love the nude/red suede.
  2. Me too! The wooden platform bothers me.
  3. Python! There much nicer (:
  4. Python. :smile:
  5. Python
  6. I vote red suede purely because I don't like the tan strap on the python version.
  7. Between these two I prefer Python, its so...luscious))) it depends on what colours you wear more often but i think the python ones will go with most things, however red will be a good pop of colour if you wear only neutrals
  8. Which ones did you end up getting?

    I am watching a pair on eBay & am wondering about the sizing. For those you with a pair did you get your normal size or order half a size up?
  9. like the python, however I'm going to say red! :biggrin:
  10. python imo, nothing beats a lil exotic touch!
  11. Did you decide which one you wanted?
  12. Red! it's neutral from the front and a pop of color from the back/side!
  13. White python heel!!! So much more luxurious and versatile!
  14. CK, I went with my CL tts and so glad I did because I also bought and returned 1/2 size up and heel slippage on these is not a good thing. However , I do recall some ladies here went half size up due to tight band on the toes and/or ankle straps. HTH
  15. Python.