HELP ME CHOOSE! Summerissima colors.....!!!

  1. I am torn in between these two summerissimas...

    One with white python heels..... and the one with red suede heels...

    Just the shoes themselves, the white heels look prettier but actually worn I feel like the red heels look prettier....

    I think the white python heels with tan body and black straps will be more versatile but at the same time I wear a lot of

    I cannot decided!!!

    If u ONLY have to choose one, which one do YOU like better??

    Emma-Stone-in-Christian-Louboutin-Summerissima-platform-sandal.jpg 4220820-rachel-bilson-and-christian-louboutin-summerissima-sandals-gallery.jpg
  2. python.
  3. Python!
  4. I prefer the python ones.
  5. Def python!! Although i love the pop of color on the Red, I prefer the Python. It's more versatile, too.
  6. I prefer the red heel. I really dislike the wooden platform in the front of the python pair.
  7. I love the red heel! Such a fun shoe! Normally i prefer python but dislike the brown color on this
  8. Python!! But the red is also gorgeous!!
  9. Python looks gorgeous!
  10. Red! I don't like the brown portion of the python shoe.
  11. red - i agree with the above poster, i also don't like the wooden platform on the brown, although the white python heel is to die for.

    also since i wear more neutrals, the red is a more fun pop of colour for me to add visual interest to outfits.
  12. Python
  13. I have the Python heel so of course I am biased! But I don't think you can go wrong with with either one. Even with the red one you don't have to wear red it will go great with black and any other neutral tones.
  14. Red, a nice pop of color!
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    Forgot to mention that I have the python one, so I'm biased. But either one would be a great addition to any CL collection. However, both pairs would probably come home with me in that predicament ;)