Help me choose... Stam or Stam Hobo

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  1. Opinions please! Can't decide between the Stam and the Hobo. I think I like the Stam better, but I know some people had problems with the opening of the Stam. Color: Black or Mouse? I love both, wish I could have all four combinations but must choose one.:angel: I'm so out of the loop, had a baby 10 months ago but still have a placenta brain, haven't shopped in 2 years. Can't make a decision. Thanks for your help.
  2. stam in black fo sho.
  3. Thanks. You have a fabulous bag collection, by the way, elongreach.
  4. Ten month old baby? Honeychile, you need the hobo!! :yes:

    You've no doubt figured out by now that when women were given the ability to have a baby, we got shorted a few arms in the process. Hobos are easy to get in and out of when you are lugging the kiddies and their stuff. The kisslock closure and frame style of the Stam IMHO is not mommy friendly.
  5. stam hobo.. it's more practical...
  6. I was leaning toward the hobo. It definitely would be more practical to go with the hobo. But seeing everyone with their awesome Stams makes me want to go with one of them.

    Thus is life with baby... We make compromises. I just finished breastfeeding, so this is the $1500 I saved from formula :P to buy a purse for myself.

    I was devastated when my orders were cancelled at Bloomies and have been completely obsessed with purses since. I need something to fill my void. :wlae:
  7. Black Stam in terms of style/color. Many members pointed out that Stam Hobo is more mommy friendly. I would recommend trying both styles in person to see which style is more suitable for you.

    Congrats, you definitely should get a great purse. =)
  8. I recommend the Hobo too, is more practical (same reason why I bought it).
    dont forget the 40% if you order from bloomies, i got the mouse for $720
  9. I obviously prefer the hobo because that's what I bought. I tried the regular one and I actually had trouble opening it in the store. So, I went with the hobo and I'm very happy with it.
  10. I prefer the regular Stam style, but for your lifestyle, I would get the hobo. It's a bit larger and you don't want to fuss with getting in and out of the bag, especially with a baby.

    Let us know what you decide! Good luck!
  11. Stam hobo!
  12. Okay I'm going to Saks/Nordies after work today and checking out both. Nordies won't price match Bloomie's 40% off because "There isn't a Bloomingdales in this city, it's not really competition." So I may have to go with Bloomies. I'll give you the update tomorrow.

    My husband is so sick of me spending hours a day on the computer (this website), I'm sure he must think I'm having an affair!

    You all are awesome! Thanks for your input.
  13. My cashew Stam Hobo just arrived. GET THE HOBO!! :yahoo:

  14. I couldn't wait to check it out at Saks... I went ahead and just ordered my Stam Hobo in Mouse!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. ^^^You go Girl!!! You'll LOVE IT! The best part about getting it from the online Saks is with the new stock, no one has had their hands all over it like they have when you get them in the stores. Did you overnight it?