Help me choose! So black reissue, glazed calfskin or distressed calfskin?

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  1. Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen,
    I need your inputs to help me to decide which one I should keep. I love so black so much especially this time it is so black reissue! So I decided I want to have one. During my research at purseforum I came across last year there were so black reissue 227 glazed calfskin being released. Fast forward , now I happened to find both so black reissue via my 2 lovely SA (from different places).
    Now my only issue is which one I should keep? I don't have strong preference on chevron pattern or not (I may slightly like chevron patter more but like I said not a biggie for me) but more so about which one is more durable since both are so black reissue and the same size, one is chevron in distress calfskin and the other is glazed calfskin without chevron pattern.
    The glazed calfskin is in 227 size from 2015. However, my other SA who found me the large so black chevron (I believe it is 12" which is also 227, but correct me if I'm wrong, the price is 6000usd) told me that glazed calfskin is not repairable in the future if it gets damaged which I have no ideas whether that's true. I asked our lovely tpf member @jennlt (once again thank you for answering all my questions) who owns so black glazed reissue from 2015 regarding the durability. It turns out it has been fine for her :smile: her bag still looks like the day she got it.
    Therefore, I'd like to ask your opinion regarding which material of so black reissue I should keep regarding to the durability?
    Many thanks in advance!
    The following are the pictures about those 2 bags, pictures from Google.

    So black glazed calfskin

    So black distressed calfskin
  2. 250% Aged Calf.
  3. I would choose the Chevron one! I think the matte finish on both leather and chain goes well together. Besides, I also like the the stitching on Chevron makes the bag looks puffier. (And I love puffy things haha)
  4. Love the Chevron too!
  5. Chevon with distress leather and I think in the long run it will be more durable than the glazed calfskin.
  6. Thank you so much for you opinion. I'll also post a pic!model shot once I go to the store to try the glazed one. Unfortunately the so black chevron is not in my area. But we have tones of model shot in the forum (but maybe not the 227 one).
  7. prefer distressed chevron - by far :smile:
  8. + 1. I much prefer the distressed calfskin chevron. Lovely bag!
  9. Chevron for sure!
  10. Chevron has a good contrast with hardware. The other one, looks bland. So I would vote chevron.
  11. The glazed quilted. As much as chevron is growing on me, I'm not sure it will have the longevity of the classic reissue.
  12. I'm not sure which material is more durable in the long run but the chevron is sooooo gorgeous!!!!
  13. Although I have a glazed reissue camera case I prefer chevron: unique and different.
    But I've read there will be an all black reissue quilted next collection!
  14. Oh no... my poor bank account.. :P
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  15. +1