Help me choose..quick I need inputs now!!

  1. Ok here's my dilema. I wished and I wished for the red croisette marina pm for a loooong time. I'm on the waiting list for it. I bought the blue one today because I also like it and I thought this was the last one in the country (Canada). The store where I waitlisted for the red one called today saying it's available and is holding it for 2 days for me. Which colour should I go for?!? I've been reading threads about the cruise croisette line and I feel the red is super cute 'cause it's really pink in colour. The blue is super nice too and it also matches with everything.

    Which colour which colour?? Thaaanks!
  2. You should keep both if you like them equally! :yes:
  3. Congrats on your new item. Blue is better, IMO.
  4. I prefer the blue, but the red is equally gorgeous. I say, get both if you can. LOL I ordered the blue Speedy and the matching rond --- can't wait to get them both! If you had to choose one, I think you ought to get the one that you were dreaming about more. Good luck with your decision!
  5. I way prefer the blue, but also think about which one matches the clothes that you generally wear better !
  6. I would prefer the blue; however from your post, it looks like your first choice was the red and this is the one I think you should get and keep. Go for the red, that is the one you have been waitlisted for and wanting for so long. The only reason I would select blue for myself is because I weat jeans so often! But actually either color goes well with jeans!! Can you keep both?
  7. Get both!
  8. if I was choosing only 1 colour I prefer the blue but it's not my bag it's your so which do you prefer?
  9. Pick one that'll make you the happiest!
  10. Thanks for the quick responses! I can only get one..I barely afford the one! I was third on the waitlist. The first person didn't come to pick it up. The second person is waiting for the blue...and I'm third! so if I exchange for the red...the second person on the list can actually get what she wants. I feel like I'd be making that person very happy!
  11. Wellllll, it depends how often you plan on using it. I'd go with the blue because it's easier to match with but the Rouge is so girly and cute. Sorry, I'm not really helping but if you plan on wearing it often in the spring/summer, go with the blue cause it's easier to match. :tup: I'm hoping to get a Mini Lin Croisette Speedy some time this month. I really want the Marina PM too but it might be too big, since I don't carry much anymore. Do post pics when you make up your mind!! :yes:
  12. I prefer the red much more than the blue, it is more feminine IMO.
  13. blue :smile:
  14. I think I would go with red.. I am a real pink girl.. and I think red goes with denim as well as blue.
    Let us know what you decide!!
  15. Blue