Help me choose!! PT or City!! Color??


Which one would you choose from these choices?

  1. Marine City

  2. Sandstone Part-time

  3. Truffle Part-time

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Help!!! I need help deciding on what bag would be fantastic to take with me to graduate school?? I just had pictures sent over from BalNY, I was originally thinking of the PT, but it looks HUGE compared to the city??? From the measurements, I didn't think there was that much of a difference?

    In the poll - which bag would you choose if you could only choose 1 bag (all regular hardware)??
    Marine City, Sandstone PT, or Truffle PT

    Also, if you are responding to the thread... if you could choose TWO bags, which two would you choose....

    Thanks in advance!!!:smile:

    I'm trying to convert a picture over right now, but having issues... will post a pic as soon as I can fix this...
  2. I choose the sandstone or marine :smile: Sandstone would prob. be my #1 & then marine.
  3. Picture attached...

    :sweatdrop: Thanks for any help you can give!!!

    Oh, I am in graduate school for my MBA, so I need fairly conservative colors. So you can use that to help for your choice... Also, do not go by what is in my signature... as that may be changing soon....

  4. I like the Sandstone color as well. If you think the PT is too they have sandstone in the city?
  5. Did you buy them all and are returning one or two? ;)

    Yeah.. I like sandstone best. Then truffle actually - more than marine.
  6. I like Marine best, but I've never really been one for browns... but second choice would be Sandstone.
  7. I voted for Marine City. Second would be Sandstone Part Time.
  8. it is between the marine and sandstone. good luck!
  9. Thanks for the input guys!! More opinions appreciated!!

    I wasn't even considering the Sandstone, until she "threw it in"!! Now, I think I like it, but I am not sure if its going to go with everything or now... or if it is something I would want to use year round? I was thinking of getting a white bag eventually, and I think Sandstone would cancel that craving out... Is it really light in person?? I don't remember the Sandstone first I saw looking this light??

    I don't know if they have Sandstone in a city, because it wasn't one of the things I orginally asked about. I had it in my head that I needed a PT for school, since it was a bit bigger... but seeing it next to the city, it seems REALLY big...

    Marine would be more of a dark neutral color then the Indigo bag I have, which is a little bright for school I am thinking...

    I like the Truffle, but do you consider it boring?? Wow, I just checked the poll, and no one has even voted for it!!
  10. I choce the sandstone part time. I prefer the Part time over the city style. If I could choose two, I'd go with the truffle and sandstone part time - thought it might be nice to have a smaller bag, so maybe the marine city and sandstone parttime instead.

    Its so hard to choose!
  11. I voted for the marine city. I think it can work as a conservative business color, as well as more casually with jeans, or dressed up for an evening out.
  12. Wow... the more I sit here and look at them... The more and more I am leaning towards the sandstone.

    I am thinking if I sell one of my other bags, then I might replace that one with the Marine City, because it is more of a conservative color, so I can use it in a professional setting....
  13. I voted Sandstone PT! It's a great color and I'd like to get something in it. Next I would choose the Marine City. I saw a Marine IRL and it was AMAZING! I thought it looked like Ink.
  14. ^ LOL... Hey, that's good. If it looks like Ink, I can sell two bags & get the effect for the price of one!! :p Just kidding....

    I am still worried the PT might be too big... but I may just have to use it only for school things. If I got the Marine City, that would be more an everyday bag... ARgh... tough decisions...
  15. I think either way you are going to LOVE the bag! All are beautiful!