HELP ME CHOOSE ! pouch vs. pencil


Jun 16, 2009
hi everyone !

i recently purchased a pouch (the new style that came out in 09), but i'm kind of second guessing it - i think what bothers me is that it's hard to get into because the flap keeps falling down, so i have to hold it up while holding the pouch up to get into it.

together with the pouch, i also bought a flat clutch, envelope clutch and the LE shoulder, so the fact that the pouch can be used as a clutch is not too big of a deciding factor for me.

I haven't seen the pencil IRL yet, so i'm wondering if i should go ahead and exchange the pouch for then pencil + a bracelet

what do you guys think?

Esp those who have the pouch - aside from it looking really cute, what to you think of the practicality of it?

please help me decide ! Thanks everyone =)


Jan 10, 2009
I have had my pouch for about 3-4 months and have not used it once! I really have to get out more but that is another issue.

I think I will start using it like a Make Up to store and organise things in my bag. I just love it too much to part from it. The shape just really appeals to me.


Nov 1, 2008
I have both the pouch/Pochette and the Pencil. The Pencil acts as an organiser in my bag, so it gets used a lot. The Pochette is more of a dressy going-out clutch for me, so it serves its purpose, even if it isn't used a whole lot.

I don't think it's very practical as a purse organiser or a pouch (since that flap isn't very secure)... but yeah, it's incredibly cute.

I would think that if you want something to store stuff, a Pencil would be more practical.


Leather brrraaiined.
Mar 19, 2007
Agree w the others, Pencil. Especially if you're using it on a daily basis. The Pouch is SO CUTE but can be cumbersome since as you have mentioned, it doesn't stay open. (Which is a good thing I guess since if you use it for a clutch, you don't want your stuff to come out easily on nights out).