Help me choose: Pond or White Legacy Shoulder!!


Help me choose!

  1. White shoulder

  2. Pond shoulder

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I know I know just what I need right? Another purse,:nogood: but man these two have been eating at me. My choices will be pond or white.......just pretend the white isnt hard to take care of (I do great with white bags) or pond because I simply love it (but just as much as white!):drool:
    I can only have 1 LOL!!!;)
  2. white
  3. Pond!!! It's gorgeous!
  4. Tough choice....after a round of "eenie, meenie, minne, moe" I say white.
  5. I chose pond. I think the blue is pretty and unique.
  6. I like both. If you already have a white bag I say go for the pond !
  7. I have the pond so I'm prejudiced but it's gorgeous so I vote for that one!
  8. I voted for white but they are both really pretty.
  9. I voted for pond. I have one and the color is just stunning (and it always makes me smile)!
  10. Do you wear you pond bags with everything? Im the type of girly who dosent swithch bags to match outfits. I just go with the bag I love at the moment.
  11. Do you have pics of them? I think classic white is gorgeous but pond is definitely a unique colour...I can't decide but good luck!
  12. They're both nice but I vote for Pond.
  13. Love the pond!
  14. Pond!

    Funny the votes were 7/7 when I voted. Hard choice!
  15. POND! So cute and will make any outfit fashionable. i HEART mine ;).