Help me choose - Pomme or Framboise Cles?

  1. Hi Guys,
    i'm thinking of getting one of these - Pomme / Framboise Cles. But i'm not sure which i should choose. So please help me out, thanks!

    I like the pomme because the color looks so delicious.
    The framboise is in my favourite shade of Pink. Framboise, i believe is the newer version of the pink.

  2. I'm partial to the is my fave colour! Either one you choose is :drool:...yummy!
  3. I vote for pomme.. i'm loving mine.. looks n smells great
  4. But i was thinking that ...

    Which of these colors get color transfer easily???
  5. Both colors are great... but I'm a bigger fan of the Pomme.
  6. Pomme, I saw both irl when I got mine and have to say hands down the pomme won.
  7. im gonna be the odd one out....Framboise......Pink is the way to go!
  8. if your favorite color is pink ... then get framboise since it is discontinued. you could always get pomme later. but either one is tdf colors!
  9. ITA.:yes:
  10. I used to love the framboise, until I saw the pomme. So pomme gets my vote!
  11. definitely the pomme!
  12. Pomme. :tup:
  13. i love pink more than any other colors... ( actually wanted to customize my car a pearly light pink.. i know it sounds silly )

    but i gotta vote for pomme!!! its such a beautiful color
  14. FRAMBOISE! :yahoo: I just orderd the only one on eBay I think
    I cant wait till it gets here!

    And its discontinued, So thats a plus.
  15. pomme