Help me choose pom poms =)

  1. We are custom ordering our uniforms so I can't show a pic but they will be BLACK White and silver with Green lettering.
    Our school colours are Green, Black and White (and so silver too).
    I was thinking one green pompom and one another colour - we can't go with the metallic silver because they are double the price for metallics. So what other colour should we go with?
    Thanks =)
    (Here's the green and then other choices would be White, Black or grey)


  2. YAY! I love pom poms!!

    I would get either green and black or green and white!

    Out of black and white, which color is shown the least on your uniforms? I would pick that color for your other pom pom because the last thing you want is an overload of a certain color.
  3. As I recall from my long ago high school days, our cheerleaders had little sparkly pom poms in a contrasting color from our uniforms, and big puffy pom poms in our school color. I think little metallic green pom poms could be cute, and then bigger white pom poms? I don't know if big black pom poms would show up that well at night games, and grey seems a little dull without metallic. Your pics aren't showing up for me so I can't comment on them, sorry!
  4. When you say two colors of poms, do you mean each girl would have one of each color (i.e. a girl would have a green and a white)? Honestly, I prefer the girls having all the same colored poms. From how you described the uniforms, I'd probably choose green poms.

    Could you do a two-color pom like this? I love these. and they come in any color combo.

  5. Ya - each girl would have 1 of each - maybe I should go to You tube and see what I like best...
  6. Green and white!
  7. I vote for green and white too!
  8. Yeah, green & white.