HELP me choose pleaseeeeeee

  1. I havent bought anything LV for over 6 months. fund is not a problem but needs some enabling. below is what i have drawn up for now.

    1) mini lin speedy - ebene (on and off my buying list all the time)
    2) MC white wapity
    3) Agenda (vernis pomme/koala)

    i'm really thinking whether to get all three or just a mix of two items from the above.

    I have a damier speedy already but really like mini lin. or shall i wait for the new ML items? but not fan of the strips. or wait for fall items?

    wapity dun have one but would love to get one cos i find it very cute. i'll put my anna sui mirror and hairbrush in it.

    agenda - do not have one by LV but sooo sad it didnt come in amarante or i'll hit the hammer straight away.

    regarding to agenda are all made in spain???

    help please i havent slept properly for ages.

    please also tell me which color for agenda to go for if you are to choose that and whether the koala clasp get scratch easily.

    many thanks in advance
  2. Well if you are able to - I'd go the whole hog!! And then get something new when the fall stuff is released :p
  3. I would recommend the koala agenda with the pink interior. The pale pink and brown look great together. Also I have not noticed any scratches on my koala closure and I've carried mine for a year.
  4. I have 1 and 3. and i love both items. the koala agenda i use it as a wallet and its great. Get 1 and 3 . YOu will love the speedy its awesome. keeps us posted. Good luck!
  5. I would suggest an agenda, I think EVERYONE needs some organization in their life.

    When I didnt have my blackberry, I had an agenda from Target that worked like a charm. I plotted in there my work schedule, school homework, plane flights, castings/auditions, parties, friends get-to-gether.

    I think that would be GREAT for you!
  6. I vote 1 & 3 as well! I'd go for the Speedy first because there's just something about having a whole new bag to carry! :smile:
  7. I would get a pomme agenda! I agree with the others about getting the first and third. The Mini Lin Speedy will carry you into the fall wonderfully, because it's dark and weatherproof but the fabric is light and low-maintenance. The wapity can be purchased anytime.
  8. Agenda!!!:tup:
  9. i would get #2 for sure.
  10. id say go for the mc wapatiy and mc planner

    hehe cuteness! :smile:
  11. lol you girls are so cute. i stopped by to read the feedback with the last one posted by 'Ghost 55' and thought to myself 'wow no one in particular voted for the MC wapity'.

    then i came back from a lovely bath and some deserts and found 'LV obsessed' and 'Luved' both voted for mc wapity.
  12. Voted for Mini Lin Speedy as I just love the material. The MC wapity is cute but I don't think you can fit a hairbrush in it unless it's very short or one of those folded ones but it'll take up too much space.
  13. Mini Lin speedy and the agenda! I think wapities are cute but I wouldn't have much use for them.
  14. thanks all, i'll keep you all posted in what i get.

    i'm now thinking maybe with 1+3 i'll skip the vernis/koala agenda and get a white mc agenda instead. that way i'll get a fix of MC and an agenda in one.

    but i'm still leaning towards the koala because its more durable. but LV uk website is out of mono koala and pomme. so i'll see whether any stores in london have them.
  15. ^^^ Hmm.... with that said, I think you should indeed get an agenda, in black MC :graucho:, and a Pomme Koala afterwards. ;)