Help me choose! Pleaseee?

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  1. After selling off some of my pieces from back when I was super into LV, and pushing dim sum carts for the longest time for 6 hours every weekend, ( :lol:) I finally have raised enough money to buy myself an LV for my 18th birthday

    The choice is between the Artsy, the Sully MM or the Delightful MM (or GM..still unsure.)

    Any input or other bags would be helpful! I love big hobo style bags.. I was considering the Portobello, but I really love my mono canvas.

  2. Artsy!
  3. No doubt and no comparison ..
    Artsy all the way ;)
  4. Artsy!
  5. Artsy it's gorgeous!
  6. Artsy.
  7. I like the delightful:smile:
  8. Artsy all the way! I find the Sully and Delightful very run of the mill!
  9. I like the Delightful, it's really comfortable!!!
  10. Artsy!!!
  11. I have the Artsy and the Delightful, and if I were 18 I think I might choose the Delightful. It is so comfortable. I love the way it folds perfectly like and envelope. A perfect hobo. No doubt, the Artsy is gorgeous though. Just not as comfortable as Delightful. Good luck deciding! Congrats and happy birthday!
  12. Artsy
  13. The artsy is really cool. I'd recommend that. I'm actually thinking about getting one for my Mom's bday!
  14. artsy!
  15. Artsy!