Help me choose please

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  1. #1 Jul 1, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
    Between Alma Carmine (right) or Alma Rubis (left)

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  2. My vote is for the Alma Rubis (the one of the right).
  3. Sorry for the confusion, I just edited my post. The one on the right is Carmine
  4. Carmine alma of course. I have one as well :smile:
  5. Then, it is the Carmine!
  6. The one on the right, Carmine I guess.
  7. I vote for Carmine! (The brighter red one)
  8. I vote for the carmine as can't go wrong with a red bag and it goes with a lot.....
  9. Carmine. It's neutral enough to coordinate with your wardrobe.
  10. Love the Carmine!
  11. Carmine -- so pretty!
  12. I vote for Carmine.
  13. Carmine, I love the color!
  14. I love the carmine! The color is lovely. It looks like the happier bag between the two :smile:
  15. Carmine :smile: classic and timeless