Help me choose please...

  1. My DH is in Dubai, and he wants to buy me an LV bag.. Pleaasee help me choose..
    I'm a big bag person (my damier Azur Saleya MM & My Large Mono Bucket is the most usefull bag for me) and I want something that I can carry on my shoulder...

    Here's my choice :

    - Damier Canvas Saleya MM (cant you see how much I love saleya MM? :love: )
    - White MC Aurelia MM

    I'm open to any suggestion other than those above, but no mono please as I have too many mono bag :rolleyes: ...
  2. Damier Saleya MM
  3. I'd say white MC Aurelia MM. I'm personally not a fan of the Damier line. Plus I think it's more versatile.
  4. Mc All The Way
  5. MC, but make sure he knows what color combo to get! ;)
  6. The MC, it's so pretty on that bag.
  7. will love it!
  8. Damier
  9. Aurelia! So beautiful...
  10. Aurelia
  11. I vote for the MC Aurelia!
  12. Aurelia!
  13. MC of corz.. im personally not into damier line..
  14. MC Aurelia MM
  15. Aurelia