Help Me Choose Please

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  1. Like many of you, I bypassed the flat bags. Last PCE, while ordering cornflower Cooper, I tried on a flat bag and noticed that that I actually liked it. I was in a hurry that day and didn't take note to whether it was the Madison Convertible Hippie or the Bleecker Daily Shoulder bag.

    I like them both. I'm interested in hearing the likes and dislikes of both bags. Please don't hold back because you were so helpful in my Cooper selection. So what say you?
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394079754.107109.jpg or ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394079768.398995.jpg
  2. I don't have either bag but I like an idea that a tPF member posted about the Bleecker Daily Shoulder Bag. I feel bad, I can't remember who it was to give them the credit as it is an awesome idea; you get two bags for the price of one! Remove the strap and fold part of the top of the bag over and you have a nice big clutch to carry! I just got into clutches again with the Legacy Studded Clutch so I am really loving this idea.
  3. The Bleeker is a lot bigger than the Hippie but the Hippie holds plenty! The Hippie is much more stylish!
  4. I think it is clever how the strap converts for the Madison.
  5. I tried on the Bleeker yesterday. You can double the strap to make it a shoulder bag, which I thought looked really nice. Plus it comes in better colors.
  6. I had the hippie and although I liked it, I took it back and I'm getting the Bleeker daily shoulder bag. I'll pick it up tomorrow. The Bleeker will hold more and like Jailnurse said, strap can be taken off and used as a clutch.
  7. Thanks everyone. I did do a search and discovered the pics of the Bleecker used as a clutch as well. I'm really hoping my store has both so I can test them out. I prefer crossbody bags and I did notice that the strap drop was longer on Madison and that she holds alot but I do love the idea of using Bleecker as a clutch if I want. I'm torn. In the past, I would have gotten them both but I don't really have a need or a desire for two flat bags...
  8. Do either of these have an outside pocket in the back?
    The bleecker strap looks thinner than the madison to me, but maybe it's not.
    I like both, but the bleecker does come in more colors if that's something to consider. Hmmm, I've been looking for a new crossbody for the summer & now you've put these on my radar! ;)
  9. I picked up the zebra print hippie at the outlet. It's a cute purse that I use to run around with the kids. It sure does hold a lot for such a small flat bag. Bc of where the straps are it seems to more structured than daily. The daily is slouchy so to looks better on shoulder and conforms more to body as cross body. Not to mention it can be a clutch. Daily seems more versatile.

  10. No outside pocket.
  11. I believe someone posted that the Bleeker worn crossbody was a bit short for her, but it depends on your height and body style of course. In the Coach pics you posted, the Bleeker looks higher than I like to wear crossbody purses, so I would go for the Madison.

    I hope you are able to try both on at the same place! Let us know what you decide and post pics. :smile:
  12. I love the Bleecker colors. When the PCE came, I was thinking that I don't need a thing but remembered seeing the bag and saying I would get it next time. It's too cute to resist. :smile:
    I saw the Zebra print on the Bay. I was tempted... but I love the grey that's currently online. For the price, i could really do two of either. :graucho:
    That's what I was concerned about-the crossbody look. I'm a fuller figure so that is an issue for me. Crossbody is so convenient when you need it if you have it.
    I just realized it was you that had the hippie. I considering tan as well. I don't own a thing in tan...

    Well ladies, I'm off to the mall... Pictures coming soon (I store never has exactly what I want available).
  13. I think my iPhone deleted pics I took all on it's own. Crazy. This is the best pic I could use. I thought the hippie was available in tan but it's not. I think after trying them out, I'm sold on the Hippie! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394136003.838082.jpg
  14. As you can see, for my body type, Madison Hippie is the choice. If Bleecker had been longer I would have chosen it for the colors alone. I don't know why I thought the PCE started today but that's fine. They didn't have the Hippie in grey birch anyway so I can order from the comfort of my bed!