Help me choose! please

  1. I am going to my nearest store next week.
    But I must choose between a keepall 45 (with or without strap) or a Sirius 45 ?
    I like both the bags. Does anybody have a picture of the sirius 45 (opened with maybe some stuff in, like a pochette acc to compare the size?
    I am doing this because I have no clue about the size of this siris.
    I allready have a keepall 50 but it's too big for me (I don't travel much and I like travelling minimalistic.

    Thanks guys!
    Love ya!

  2. i dont know much on this, but all i know is that my sister has a sirius 45 and she keeps on saying that she cant fit much into it.
  3. does anyone have pics of the sirius? i love the name though!!! >< (Harry Potter fan..)
  4. keepall rocks!!!
  5. Sirius is great!!! It's very compact yet fits quite a lot of stuff inside... I've seen it "in real life" at the airport and it looks really stylish :jammin: ... unfortunately, they don't have it in damier yet :crybaby: so I'll have to wait or go for a keepall...