Help me choose please!

  1. Hi All,
    I am trying to decide between a new suede gallery tote in a color called flint, which is to me a greenish grey color OR the gallery tote in brass khaki camel. I have never had a full suede bag before, only the bottom of one of my bags has had it before. Can the suede be an everyday bag or is it too dressy? How about in the weather? Rain, snow? The only part that is suede on the khaki one is the bottom. Do you think this is too big for an everyday bag? I am just a jeans and t shirt sort of gal and don't want to over do the bag. I have also never had this big of a bag before and am a little freaked out about that too. Thanks for your time and opinions. Mokey
  2. I've not seen the flint color, so I cannot judge on that aspect, but I don't think the gallery totes are too big at all. I like to carry a roomy bag, and you get used to it very quickly.

    I do not view suede as formal at all. It can easily be dressed up or down. A smooth leather in the right style or patent leather is always dressier than suede to me.

    And I know a lot of ladies will disagree with this, but if the bag is well-protected (i.e. sprayed with a protector) the suede should be fine in the rain. Of course, it is important not to actually get STUFF on it (mud, food, etc.), as it cannot be wiped clean the way leather can, but suede bags are quite durable if common-sense care is taken with them.

    I think the gallery totes are beautiful, and I can't wait to hear which you choose! You might want to wear a typical color-scheme for you and then try both bags on; it is likely one will speak to you more than the other.
  3. I have never seen/heard of the bag you say is flint colored. Maybe a pic would help. I like the gallery tote in brass/camel.
  4. Here is the best pics I could get. The color is really weird. IT is brownish, greenish, greyish. It has a mauve colored trim too. Hope this helps.
    new pics 10-19-06 001.jpg new pics 10-19-06 002.jpg new pics 10-19-06 003.jpg
  5. of course this is the khaki brass and camel one.
    coach gallery khaki brass.JPG
  6. W-O-W! I think the suede tote is stunning! The color is beautiful and it would go with practically anything. I've never had an all suede bag so I can't give any opinions about durability, etc. All I can say is that I think the suede is gorgeous!!
  7. I agree. The flint color is gorgeous!
  8. The suede tote it gorgeous! I'd get that one. Just remember that suede gets dirt easily but it should be no problem if you're careful with it.
  9. I also read the tag on the suede one and it says that the dye used may transfer to other things. Is that true? Has anyone had a problem with that? I know that my denim leaves marks on my tote that has suede on the bottom of it, is that what they are talking about? I am hoping to go and scout a little more and make a decision soon. Thanks for all the thoughts and keep them coming! Mokey
  10. i saw the flint colored tote IRL a few days ago while i was out shopping....super pretty. and different too. i love it.
  11. This is a possibility of color transfer, and the darker the color the more likely it is. Just like the suede inside of unlined shoes can sometimes transfer color to your stockings or toes, the sueded tote may transfer color to what you are wearing. This is unlikely to be noticeable unless you wear it so it rubs a lot against a light-colored coat or clothing item, but it is possible.

    Finished, or smooth leather goes through a process where it is essentially painted. Just like paint, then, that color will not transfer once the process is complete. Suede and some softer leathers commonly go through an analine dye process (more like a stain), and there is no smooth coating over the color. Moisture or friction may cause either damage or color transfer.

    A good leather spray will help with both of these issues. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. If it were a huge issue, no one would ever carry a suede bag!
  12. Update:
    I took the suede one back because I just couldn't love it enough for the extra care. I switched it for the Khaki, brass, camel one. Here is the problem, it is really slouchy. Is that how it is supposed to be? I am attaching pics. Do you think I can use this everyday? I downsized my collection and am looking for an everyday bag. Thanks in advance! Mokey
    new pics 10-22-06 007.jpg new pics 10-22-06 008.jpg new pics 10-22-06 009.jpg
  13. More pics of the slouch. Is this normal? I just thought it would stand up more no matter what is in it. Thanks, Mokey
    new pics 10-22-06 604.jpg new pics 10-22-06 606.jpg new pics 10-22-06 608.jpg
  14. Yes, Mokey...the slouching is normal for that purse. I have the same signature gallery tote except in the Brass/Brown colour and it slouches. I think that it gives it a laid-back appearance and I like it.