Help me choose please

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  1. Aw, come on! 12 people looked at this thread and said nothing?
  2. #2
  3. Definately the QUANTUMM!!

    Did you decide which ones to get?
  4. I like the Rayah the best. They look a bit lighter and more summery. I think they would look cute with jeans or a skirt.
  5. 1st one, I like the heel much better.
  6. #2:smile:
  7. Im not keen on either. Sorry!

    But if i HAD to chose it would be #2
  8. i'd pick number 2
  9. I like the first one. I like that it has that ruffle and that the cork has been dyed blackish as well. Actually the white version is real cute too.

    The 2nd pair kinda bugs me when SM emulates the stacked heel and you look closely and its a sticker. I dont know if I like the tan and black together. The leather design (t strap) looks dressier to be paired with a stacked heel look.

    So I say #1 :P Good Luck! I wish I could wear heels. I am 42 and gave up a while ago I live in Uggs, Sneaks, and Hav's LOL!
  10. Thanks for the opinions! I am leaning towards the 1st one because I sort of agree with LuvToBuybags up there, the "wooden" heel on the 2nd one sort of bugs me
  11. get the quantumm. i always passed by the steve madden store and contemplated on those shoes.... i feel like the rayah is a bit boring.
  12. Rayah!! They look lighter and brighter esp for the summer!
  13. I like #2
  14. the QUANTUMM, definitely.