Help Me Choose! Please!!

  1. Hello LV ADICTS!

    I will be traveling to Lovely New York City this weekend, and I have enough $$$ to purchase my second LV bag. The problem is, I am stuck between two bags and I desperately need your help since you guys are the only ones who understand this addictioin! So, Which bag would you rather buy??? MANHATTANGM vs. BEVERLY GM

    Your advice is truely appreciated and if you own any of these two, I would also appreciate a short review. Thank You!
  2. I'd chose the Manhattan GM if it were me...but that's just my opinion! :upsidedown:
  3. I would pick the Beverly GM. I think the buckle on the Manhattan would get annoying after awhile. I have also read that the Manhattan gets very heavy.
  4. Manhattan GM
  5. Manhattan.. my HG!
  6. thank you for your advice. ;)
  7. I love the manhattan GM. And how fitting it would be...getting a Manhattan on your trip to manhattan!
  8. I'd go with the manhattan GM ... so classy and timeless!
  9. Manhattan!!
  10. I don't like the Beverly because it's too wide somehow. Get the Manhattan GM! Beautiful bag.
  11. Manhattan
  12. Another Manhattan vote here!
  13. I would pick the Manhattan. It's a gorgeous bag!
  14. ^^^ I agree. :tup:

    Another BEVERLY GM vote here.
  15. Manhattan!