Help me choose please!

  1. First one. I like the shape better :smile:
  2. Thanks for your input! Keep the opinions coming ladies! I need it!
  3. I like the first one better.
  4. i like the first one too
  5. i like the first one. i just saw a picture in life and style of ellen pompeo carrying this bag
  6. this one
  7. first one definitely!!
  8. Yes, both nice but I LOVE the first one!
  9. That triple chain is a heavy sucker, at least imo, and how well does it fit and stay on the shoulder? But I do like the shape much better than the second.
  10. Thanks so much!!!! You guys are awesome!
  11. Definitely the 1st one.
  12. the 2nd one is on sale at NM San Antonia Texas in off white! it's definitely a lot cheaper than the auction. i like the soft and chain (the first one) better :graucho:
  13. Definitely the first one. Please have it authenticated here first before you bid on either though! :yes:
  14. I will definetly have it posted on the authentication page when I get home. At work and I can't check my email...or eBay! :sad: How's the rock and chain look to you ladies so far? I thought it looked pretty good compared to the one I saw on the "rock and chain pictures forum" here. Any opinions on it?