Help me choose,please.

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Which one you like most?

  1. LV Saleya PM

  2. LV Red Epi speedy 25

  3. Chanel Paris B. Tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I want a new bag and here are my choice. What you think is the best? I can pick only one bag now. Thanks a lot! :tup:

    First is LV Saleya PM

    Second is LV Speedy in Red Epi

    Third is Chanel paris B. tote.

    Any helps will be very appreciate :flowers:
    p11085820_ph_hero.jpg p10333247_ph_althero_Red_Silver.jpg 19365-5.jpg
  2. I love that Chanel Paris tote!
  3. I'm biased, but I'd have to say the Paris Biarritz. It's by far the least common of the three (I personally don't like bags that are really "available").

    My second choice would be the Saleya.
  4. LOVE the red epi :heart:333
  5. CHANEL is perfect
  6. All are great choices, but I prefer the LVs in this case. I voted for the red speedy, but my 2nd choice is the Saleya. I have both, and I love them!
  7. I like all three bags but Chanel is Chanel. I'm in love also with red Speedy, so if you would like to use a lower budget and eventually buy something else with remaining money I'd say go for the red Speedy! If I'm not wrong you wish to sell your red epi card holder, maybe you can decide to keep it if you get the red speedy!
  8. BTW I don't know the price of the Chanel tote but maybe it costs like the LVs together.... I would consider also this if I was you!
  9. Hae hae so Alice....You choose Chanel? :girlsigh:
  10. chose the lv epi speedy, love the speedy, such a timeless bag.
  11. Chanel!
  12. Chanel! I like this Chanel bag!
  13. Red speedy!
  14. Sure I choosed Chanel! :p
  15. I LOVE the Chanel!!