Help Me Choose! Please?

  1. I'm totally torn between a Mono Speedy 25 or a Damier Azur Speedy 25. I really love the look of the LV monogram though! I like how it screams "LV"-- I'm all about the brand.

    Which one would you ladies pick and why?

  2. Since you're all about the brand, I think you should go for the mono. It's common, but it is a classic & if it's good enough for Audrey Hepburn.....
  3. i would definetly go for mono. the style lasts.. while the damier azur might be quite new in trend/style as time goes on i personally think it gets out of dated like the mono, while if you go with the mono ... its a classic - totally agrees with spinky...
  4. Go for the mono.
  5. I'd go for the Mono- I have the Azur and now I want the Mono. LOL
  6. go for the mono. a good classic style...
  7. Since it's summer, I'd buy the azur......but then again, I have other mono bags......if you don't have a mono bag yet, maybe that should be your first.
  8. I have a mono keepall, but my only other LV is a fuschia vernis reade PM and a blue vernis broome wallet....
  9. mono...I'd be too worried about the azur getting dirty
  10. Mono!
  11. Go for the mono!!
  12. mono is classic, but the azur is really refreshing. I would go with azur.
  13. sounds like you really want the mono. Go for it . then maybe you can pick up a piece in Damier later.
  14. mono mono mono..mmmmmmmmmmmono!!!
  15. One more vote for mono :p You wont regret it!