Help Me Choose, Please...-

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Which Bag Would You Choose?

  1. Large Hamptons Carryall in SAND

  2. Legacy Leather Satchel in KHAKI

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. SATCHEL. :drool: Oh, I want that bag.
  2. I LOVE the Legacy satchel. I ike the siganture better but that's my choice.

    I don't like teh carryall because to me it look kind of old. But IDK. They are both Coach so they are both great! LOL

    But I vote Satchel.
  3. I love the Hamptons carryall -- it is a classic shape, sand is a lovely color, and you can carry everything that you could possibly want in it. It looks great as a briefcase, a baby bag, a carry-on for the plane, so many uses I can't possibly list them all. Plus you can carry it on your shoulder as well as carry it in your hand. I like the legacy satchel, but I love the carryall more.
  4. So, it looks like the satchel is winning!:yes:

    Are you buying it this weekend?:graucho:
  5. I vote for the satchel......the carryall is nice, but I like the satchel better.
  6. I voted for the Legacy satchel because it is 25% off and that means $162 off! When are you going to get that opportunity again? 25% off of a $300 bag is not as much money. I just love the satchel. I also own a carryall in parchment, which I just love, but mine is a color and smaller size that has been discontinued. It is not an old looking style - very classic. I just think you get more bang for your buck with the satchel, and this event/savings doesn't come around often. You could ask for the less expensive bag as a gift or get it another time.
  7. This question was a toughy for me because I love both bags. I am SERIOUSLY thinking about a Legacy Satchel in Pond so you know I like that silhouette. I own a black sig Hamptons Carryall and I don't think it's an elderly design. I like to hang a charm or keyfob off the strap that goes around the bag. Only you can make a decision about what fits your budget and both bags are great. OK...I choose.....The Legacy!!
  8. I vote for the satchel. I like all the little details on it :smile:
  10. i love the satchel
    so i vote for that
    its very classy!!!
  11. I say get the satchel because it is such a unique bag. I think it looks great casual or classy and the color is great too.
  12. I love how the little side pockets look on the satchel. So cute. I have tried numerous times in my mind to justify spending 700 for just those darn pockets! Love them. And I love the shape of the bag. The short handles are less than to be desired. But I do love this bag.
  13. ^^I love the satchel as well but I have never once used the side pockets on it! ;)
  14. legacy always, no contest! :yes:

    the hamptons one is great for work type stuff, but you just can't beat that legacy as a purse!