Help Me Choose, Please...-

Which Bag Would You Choose?

  • Large Hamptons Carryall in SAND

  • Legacy Leather Satchel in KHAKI

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Jan 27, 2007
For the PCE I'm undecided between these two purses.


If the mandy was available in the khaki satchel color I'd be sold
If the hampton carryall wasn't sold out in sand in Medium I'd be sold.

Soooo, I'm not sure which.
I don't like the small straps on the satchel, but I can deal with it
I'm afraid the carryall looks too elderly. Classy and elegant, but elderly.

Price difference is a big one though, satchel is 698 and carryall is 378

Which would you rather have and why?


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Mar 6, 2007
Legacy satchel! Love that bag. I think it's young but still classic. I don't think the carryall is elderly looking...very grown up though. If it wasn't pebbled leather I'd love it, but I'm not a fan of pebbled leather.


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Jan 21, 2007
Just being practical I'd go for the Carryall. I don't think it looks elderly either. I also like the fact it can be worn on the shoulder, in the elbow crease and as a tote. I think the only way to wear the satchel is the latter two. The price difference is huge so I don't know about that. :shrugs: It depends on how much you have to spend and the way you feel comfortable wearing it.


Dec 22, 2006
I'm also thinking of getting the khaki satchel for PCE. I love the Hampton's line in general and really like the pebbled leather. I don't believe the style is too "old" - in fact, it's a pretty classic and timeless piece in my view. You could order both, have them delivered to the store and test them out to see which one you really love the most. That suggestion was made to me by a SA at our boutique because she said people always change their minds when they see the bags IRL. Forgot to mention, I've got the Hampton's in a different color. It's very roomy and a beautiful bag to carry.


Mar 29, 2007
I vote for the hamptons only because I think it is more classic and practical. I have a tough time with hand carry bags--just tough to juggle, and the satchel is gorgeous but quite heavy.

The hamptons is really a classic bag and the structure just screams 'elegant' and put together.

FYI..I see lots of college girls carrying hamptons carry alls so I don't think it is too "old." Hope that helps!


Jan 21, 2007
I'm 20 and I just bought the Hamtpons pebbled leather business tote (in black). It's seriously one of the most beautiful bags I've come across, and I can't imagine it being passe any time in the near future. Now don't get me wrong- I love love love the Legacy satchel, and the hardware on it is just beautiful (plus the color you have picked out is definitely my favorite...along with black, obv, can't go wrong there).

I'd say if you're really in the market for a handbag handbag, as opposed to a "carrier of stuff," the Legacy satchel is smaller, more of a statement, and has a little more shape to it. If you're the type of person that tries to coordinate handbags to outfits, maybe the Legacy satchel is more your style.

I love the Hamptons totes because they go with everything, but they're structured enough that they wind up looking really refined. I pretty much carry totes exclusively (I'm a college student, and even when I'm not, I like to be prepared. Hah!), and the Hamptons tote/carryall is the only one I've found that really bridges the gap between a handbag and a more utilitarian tote.

Whew...hope that made sense, m'dear, and let us know what you decided on!!


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May 1, 2007
Considering you helped me, one good turn deserves another.

I am partial to the carryall as well. I should at that to my wishlist. It is not elderly at all. As the others have stated, it is a timeless, classic piece. I like the legacy, put I really like the carryall.


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Feb 27, 2007
the satchel for sure.

i've been lusting after it for ages. and i DO like the carryall but i have to kind of agree with you when i say that the carryall looks like a more "mature" style. i think the satchel is hip and delish. legacyyyyyyyy for sure!~


Dec 27, 2006
Both bags are gorgeous - I like the sleek look of the CarryAll. The Satchel is more casual... What "look" are you going for?

Either way you are getting a gorgous bag. GOOD LUCK and enjoy your new bag.


Dec 4, 2006
I vote for the CarryAll. I think it is refined and Classic and truly a bag that even Coco Chanel or Audrey Hepburn would carry. I like the fact that you can put it over your shoulder and that it bridges the gap between being a handbag and a tote. I purchased the Legacy Satchel and find the hardware extremely heavy. I also don't like that it is really meant to be carried on your arm and the straps are too short to be worn on your shoulder. For these reasons I returned it the very same day I bought it.