Help me choose please!!!

  1. I have narrowed down my next purchase to these two items. Which one of them do you like better?
    40504_B4RD_d2.jpg 3ce8_1_b.jpg
  2. Legacy stripe, definitely. :yes:
  3. I like the patent.
  4. Legacy
  5. Patent leather coin purse
  6. it"s tied!!
    Keep your opinions coming ladies!
    It is much appreciated!
  7. legacy legacy legacy, it's a little bigger which is great too
  8. I like the patent.
  9. haha and I like the legacy :p

    I actually like both though. very cute!
  10. legacy, by far - and i have both!
  11. I like them BOTH, but I'd choose the Legacy!!:yes:
  12. legacy!!!!
  13. i have the patent and it's just sat in my closet...go for the legacy!
  14. Legacy stripe :yes:
  15. I like the Legacy better!! :yes: Definately!!