Help me Choose Please!

  1. So I've been on the look out for an '05 black work for awhile now and have sold my sky blue city to fund for the new purchase back in November and I still haven't found an '05 work...i'm starting to get anxious and looking at all the pretty spring colors...i'm now thinking of just ending the search and maybe getting a aquamarine work or natural work to use as a summer bag so help me choose!

    aquamarine work or natural work ???? :shrugs:

    Or should i go for an older teal or some other bright color ?!!?! I just want a fun bright color for summer and especially in the work style because i tend to carry more stuff with me during the summer on trips and stuff.

    Thank You!
  2. if u are into bright colors definetely aqua work! if you prefer a neutral color id get either sandstone or natural work
  3. i really just want some thing bright and very spring-like....and i was thinking maybe natural because i know i'll never be able to keep white clean and thought the beige-y tint to the natural would work out well with how messy I can be....i'm much more of a care-free person with my bags..i don't baby them....but then again it could also be that I only own ink and black cities now :p

    as for the's just so pretty!
  4. The natural is very light and you may have trouble keeping it clean so I vote for the aqua. Plus, the aqua is gorgeous!!!!
  5. well sandstone looks like it may be easier to keep clean than natural.

    (and i know you now want a bright summery color, but did you ever think about just getting an 07 black work? maybe you could get one hand picked that had some awesomely thick juicy leather? just a thought...)

    um, my pick for bright and summery....aqua does look gorgeous for summer and would be easier to keep clean, how about vermillion, that would be bright!
  6. I say Aquamarine ALL the way! I want one SO BAD! The color is AMAZING IRL! Let us know what you decide.
  7. i love the natural color but if you're looking for something really bright then definitely the aquamarine! are you thinking of RH or GH? because i think the natural would look just as spring'ish and fun with the GH and it'd be something that's more classic.. i think it's the perfect white'ish bag because it isn't that white and (hopefully) would be easier to keep clean. (but i'm probably also biased. :p)
  8. Aqua or Sandstone. Aqua is a gorgeous turquoise, and Sandstone is a super-sophisticated and yummy neutral. Can't go wrong with either :yes:
  9. I definitely know that I'll be getting regular hardware...the giant hardware's not my type's just so eye-catching!
  10. guys...i must be out of the loop because i don't know how sandstone looks like ? I don't think i've seen a picture yet ?
  11. Aqua - but I am a blue person.
  12. aqua, because i'm not a person who can "keep" a natural bag looks natural in a long time LOL