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  1. 65608BEC-1BD3-47F9-B5A5-5B4DEB926760.jpeg 1212BA75-4685-4879-8FAE-1F4AF2E12F7F.jpeg Hi, I am planning to get a Clifton but can’t decide whether to go for leather or chain strap. The leather strap can only be crossbody carried whereas the chain strap can be crossbody and shoulder carried. Also one is oxblood colour and the other is Rosewater colour.
  2. Personally I always avoid chain straps due to possible breakage (just my personal opinion) i am also a little obsessed with the oxblood colour so that wold be my choice!
  3. The gripe with chain straps is that they are super uncomfortable! That's just the way it is - no way I could use one as an everyday bag. I had to sell my regular Lily for that reason. The medium has a thicker strap so it's not as bad. All my thin chain strap bags end up as going out bags because the chain is just comfortable (especially in summer with thinner clothes). I have a small bag in Rosewater and the colour is lovely - hasn't marked either. But if you're looking for a comfortable bag, definitely get one with a leather strap. If you like Rosewater more, the Darley satchel comes in that colour and has a leather strap :smile:
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