Help me choose please, I need help!

Which would be the best for me to buy?

  • Medium Carly Chocolate Sig

  • Medium Carly Khaki/Black Sig

  • Medium Ergo Hobo Chocolate Sig

  • Medium Ergo Hobo Black Sig

  • Large Hamptons Sig Carryall

  • Large Carly~~ Undecided Color

  • Something else, Tell me!

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Jun 11, 2007
in the middle of home renovations!
Yes, I was just looking over the coach site and saw the Bleecker Sig large Flap, YUM! It's the same price as the large Carly so yes... it could be a contender!

This is going to drive me insane:nuts:

I wanted to add that I need a friend to come with me to the store to give me opinions. It's sad that I don't have a good girl friend that likes shopping.. whats with that?
OMG!!!!! If you buy this bag you MUST MUST MUST post pics to show me so I can drool at it!!!!!