Help me choose please, I need help!


Which would be the best for me to buy?

  1. Medium Carly Chocolate Sig

  2. Medium Carly Khaki/Black Sig

  3. Medium Ergo Hobo Chocolate Sig

  4. Medium Ergo Hobo Black Sig

  5. Large Hamptons Sig Carryall

  6. Large Carly~~ Undecided Color

  7. Something else, Tell me!

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  1. My PCE angel is sending me her card so I will be able to buy something this PCE! As you know I am in love with the Magenta duffle, but that is out of my budget at the moment and really not very practical for me colorwise anyway(I have been trying to talk my self out of it)

    I want something in Signature. I mostly have leather bags and I don't have a dark brown or black bag for every day use.

    I have a few other things on my wishlist that are a bit more practical.. and I have store credit to use for this purchase.. still need to unload this store credit, it's killing me:graucho:

    Medium Sig Carly in Brown/Brown or Khaki/Black --- I don't have a Carly and I like these, and I don't have an everyday bag with black accents :smile:

    Medium Sig Ergo Hobo in Brown/Brown -- I don't have a medium ergo and I like the brown sig fabric, It's very comfy on the shoulder.. the cheapest on my list
    The black sig can be an option too, but I don't like it as much as the chocolate!

    Medium Bleeker duffle in Brown Sig--- I like the way it can be cross-body, or not. I don't like how it doesn't have the tattersall lining:cursing:

    Hamptons Large Carryall--- Nothing like the other bags I have, and can double as a diaper bag. Concerned that it may not fit on my shoulder..

    With all these I can afford a matching wristlet or other accessory!


    I can get a large Carly... I sold my last one,but I think I want to try again-- most expensive thing on my list ~~ No wristlet or accessory:shame:

    Thanks for reading this far, LOL!


    I forgot to add the bleecker in the Poll and I don't think I can edit it! let me know if that's what you like :smile:
  2. I vote that you get a Large khaki/chocolate Carly. After seeing Fieldsinspring pics earlier, I'm in love! I love the chocolate leather trim! I also had a large khaki/black carly in June, but returned it. But I also think I want to try again with this color combo!
  3. I think I'm going to end up with a choco sig bleecker duffle - I don't have an adjustable bag yet nor a brown one.

    I'd get that or the chocolate carly, then you can get a MAGENTA accessory - wristlet or something! :smile:
  4. I vote for the choclate carly with Magenta accessory-mini skinny or wristlet!
    Or How about the Khaki and Choc. Carly great new color combo!

  5. AH, yes I forgot about these new color combos.. I love the khaki/chocoate and the bronze.

    I want this new bag to be good for all seasons.. is the bronze appropriate?
  6. I have the medium carly in khaki and black and love it. It goes with eveything. I love that I can wear it with black or brown. I do like the bronze though, it looks very rich. I would use it all year.
  7. I think the bronze is great! You can wear her now for the holiday and in spring and summer they are showing metalics for spring again this is the one I want ! I cant wait to order her this weekend or as someone said there is a newstuff showing up on Friday! Maybe they will have new bronze assec. come out to!
  8. I voted for the chocolate carly.... and you can change the accents (love the magenta). Then when you get your magenta duffle, you already have matching accessories!!!:tup:

    P.S. My vote may be a bit biased because I have a chocolate carly on the way!!:graucho:
  9. I forgot to ask what size carly do want med or Large? I want the large the med looks funning on me. I am 5'9 and wear a size 12. So the Med hits me funny. Horray for those little gals who wear the Med well!
  10. I voted for the medium khaki/black Carly. Its seasonless, and that color contrast is striking.
  11. O.k. so Im a little biast:shame: but I say choco carly and magenta accessory too. See mine?!:graucho:
    Ebay Pics 615.jpg
  12. I really like the looks of the large Brown Signature Carly, is this the one that everyone is calling Chocolate? It looks yummy.
  13. Chocolate Ergo Hobo, you wont be disappointed!!! I have the khaki, and I'm def. going to get another one just because they are so comfortable on the shoulder, amazingly lightweight even with all of my crap in it and everything fits in it so nicely w/o being in one big mumbo jumbo mess(not being able to see/find anything in the bottomless pit)

    but that's just my 2 cents :tup:

    good luck!!!
  14. I voted for the medium ergo hobo in Chocolate Signature...I have this bag and LOVE it!!!! It's very comfortable and lightweight, and your stuff doesnt get lost in it like the above poster said! I am pining after the Bleecker signature large flap....have you considered that one? The drop length on that bag is REALLY nice and it looks ADORABLE w/ casual clothing! :tup: Especially jeans!!!! :yes:

  15. Yes, I was just looking over the coach site and saw the Bleecker Sig large Flap, YUM! It's the same price as the large Carly so yes... it could be a contender!

    This is going to drive me insane:nuts:

    I wanted to add that I need a friend to come with me to the store to give me opinions. It's sad that I don't have a good girl friend that likes shopping.. whats with that?