Help me choose please! fendi B-Bag or Miu Miu Coffer

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Help me choose please! Fendi B bag or Miu Miu Coffer

  1. Fendi B black patent leather

  2. Miu Miu coffer black leather

  3. Don't get any! save your money for better bags.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I like the b-bag!!!
  3. Patent is hot for fall! (i forgot to say...)
  4. Fendi B.Bag - my favorite is the Tan/Black combo.
    Coffer is very big in real life, it looks more casual than B.Bag.
  5. It depends on what you are planning to use the bag for mainly as the B Bag is quite smart. I personally prefer the B Bag though!
  6. I love the Miu Miu because it could be casual or not. B Bag is definitely very dressy, in my opinion. I'd want to wear the Miu Miu all the time.
  7. i prefer the B.Bag, probably because i have one :lol:! although i'd be afraid of getting a bag that's completely patent leather for fear of scratching or scuffing it. my B.Bag is linen with only patent leather trim.
  8. I love them both - but i would go miu miu.
  9. They are both gorgeous, but I like the b-bag more
  10. definitely Fendi
  11. I'd go with miu miu - it's more unique and less hyped (for now!)
  12. Ditto!:yes: Plus, B-Bag looks like droopy boobs to me!!!:lol:
  13. I would go for the MIU MIU 100%
  14. i would go for fendi b-bag..
    i love it! i never see the miu miu IRL, but have seen the B-bag & loving it!
  15. I would go with the miu miu!
    It looks great casual or dressy and something about the shape draws me in. I really love how it has the two sized straps. :love:

    Plus Irene has now ruined the Bbag in my mind as everytime I see it I will now be thinking about droopy boobs! :lol: :roflmfao:
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