Help me choose please!!! Edith Bowler Ivory or Nutmeg?


Edith Bowler Ivory or Muscade/Nutmeg

  1. Ivory

  2. Muscade/Nutmeg

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  1. How's the edith bowler? never seen it in real life. I'm 5'3...will it be too big? which color better? Thanks guys ;)
  2. This bag is huge! I have the Edith Shopper in creme and I'm scared to get it dirty. I also have the Edith Medium in Nutmeg and I'm less careful about that so if you're decided on the Bowler, get the Nutmeg.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Muscade all the way! Perfect year round color and will wear well!
  5. Thanks eucalyptic. Which color do you think it's nicer? regardless the maintanace.
  6. does the ivory color have a yellow undertone or gray or neither?
  7. Nutmeg all the way
  8. Nutmeg, I personally think the edith always looks best in a brown shade. Let us know what you decide :smile:
  9. Go for it in Nutmeg for sure!
  10. Wow seems like EVERYONE likes the nutmeg... I'm kinda leaning towards ivory (i don't really care that much about the maintanence issue) but now i'm not so sure anymore. Is the ivory the same as the paddington in ivory? (kinda yellowish)
  11. I ordered the Edith Ivory Tote in Ivory. I thought it had a lot of grey in it. The color didn't work for me, although it was gorgeous!

    I vote Muscade also!
  12. No grey or yellow undertone at all. I can't even say it has a pinkish undertone like the sable paddy does. It's just very, white...but pretty.
  13. Nutmeg. Although the Muscade color is cute too.
  14. Muscade! It goes with everything. I love the color.
  15. Definitely the richer color Muscade!!:yes: