Help me choose Petite Noe or Pop Haut?

  1. Once again, I'm being indecisive.
    Petite Noe or Popincourt Haut - which would you choose for an everyday bag?
  2. In General I Like The Petite Noe Better.....But, For Everyday: Popincourt Haut
  3. I like the Popincourt Haut better. I like the shape and that it has a zipper opening. Just my preference.
  4. Petit Noe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  5. Popincourt Haut!!

    It's easier to get things in and out of your bag.
  6. I prefer the Popincourt Haut, because I find a zip fastening easier.
  7. Popincourt Haut :amuse:
  8. Popincourt Haut
  9. That's exactly what I was going to say!
  10. Haut.
  11. Popincourt Haut :biggrin:
  12. I like the looks of the Petit Noe. The PH is cute but the Noe just seems more classic, like the Speedy -- the archetypal LV Monogram styles. But I'm not really sure if the drawstring is practical for a bag in constant use.
  13. Popincourt Haut- it looks so nice whatever you wear.
  14. Pop Haut! :love:
  15. Poppincourt Haut!
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