Tory Burch Help me choose! - Perry Tote


Jan 3, 2022

I am in the market for a new tote bag, and I have seen great reviews on the Tory Burch Perry Tote.

Unfortunately, there are no stores in my area to go and see the bags in person so it is hard to tell the colours online. I am debating between the "Clam shell" and the Light Umber colours - both look beautiful but I am struggling to decide between the two! what do you guys think? does anyone here have these bags in these colours and perhaps can share experiences? This will be my everyday work bag, so colour versatility is important to me.


Did you decide? Both of those colors are beautiful! For myself, I'd probably get the first one as it's slightly more neutral. But the second one is kind of caramel which is popular right now.
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